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YOYCOOL Company Production Line

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YOYCOOL Company Production Line

YOYCOOL Company is very professional in cold storage room and steel building materials. Our factory has 30 years manufacture experiences and 12 years export trading experience. We are manufacturer and we supply technicans to design and install the OEM cold storage and steel structure buildings.

YOYCOOL Company produce the main products: Cold room(OEM cold room, for fruits and vegetables, for frozen meat and fish and seafood, for medicine, for process room, for Ultra-low temperature cold storage, temperature from -80oC to 20 oC ), Cold room panels(for cam lock and plug type cold room panels, thickness from 40mm to 400mm), Cold room door(hinged door, sliding door, roll up door, high speed door ), Condensing unit, Cold room evaporator, PU sandwich panels, Rockwool sandwich panels, Floor decking sheet, Steel purlins, etc.

YOYCOOL Company exported to more than 60 countries.

Main exporting countries: United States, Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Guatemala, Peru, South Africa, Costa Rica, Honduras, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Benin, Angola, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, etc.

YOYCOOL Company is responsible for every client and every order.


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