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Cold Room PU PIR Panel With Cam Lock System

YOYCOOL is the leading cold room, coolrooms and refrigeration unit designer, manufacturer and exporter dedicated in supplying finest quality cold room, coolrooms solutions to worldwide customers. We can give you a professional suggestion based on your application. And about the size, the panel thickness, the equipment, all of them can be customized. Fresh life with you always!
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Cold room panels with cam lock.

YOYCOOL have more than twenty years manufacture experience, We have 12 production lines for cold room panels and cold room doors.
cold room panel with cam lock as core material, and zinc-plated & color-coated steel sheets& stainless steel sheet & aluminum sheet as the upper and bottom sheets. The panels are formed by heating and pressing with high-intensity glue , we produce the panels one by one , it can make the panels much more strong and good quality.

Even if your project is urgent , we can finish your order in only three days.
cold room panel with cam lock have been widely used in cold room of fruit, vegetables,seafoods etc.

Cold Room Panels For Cold Room

Good waterproof performance

Polyurethane cold storage board with moisture and water resistance. The rigid polyurethane has a closed cell ratio of more than 90% and is a hydrophobic material. It does not increase the thermal conductivity due to moisture absorption, and the wall surface will also seep.

Good sound insulation

The porosity of the polyurethane material is stable and basically closed-cell structure, which not only has excellent heat preservation performance, but also has resistance to freezing and thawing and sound absorption.

Strong resistance to deformation

Strong resistance to deformation, not easy to crack, stable and safe finish.

Fire retardant and high temperature resistant

Polyurethane is a flame-retardant self-extinguishing material after adding flame
retardant. Its softening point can reach above 250 °C, and it will only decompose at higher temperature.

Cold room panel-YOYCOOL (25) kinds of cold room pan

Cold Room Panel 
Top plate
Core material
Bottom plate
0.3-0.8mm (normal use)
0.3-0.8mm (normal use)
PPGI, PPGL, Stainless, Aluminum
PPGI, PPGL, Stainless, Aluminum
Type mode
960mm PU wall and ceiling and roof cold room sandwich panel
Normal 960mm or customized
Ral standard (normal colors : white)
Connection Type
Cam Lock
Cold Storage Room
heat insulation ,waterproof,competitive price,easy -installation cold room panels

YOYCOOL cold room panels production line imported from Italy.

It is the best cold room production line in China. room panels productions line 1 room panels productions line 2 room panels packing and loading


Project In Mongolian room project 1

Project In Guatemala room project 2

Project In Singapore room project 3




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